Seeing Spain

Seeing Spain


I’m a UX designer that follows fear into designing something that addresses frustration head-on. My trip to Spain ignited some unprompted fears. It was a good opportunity to remove myself from the college and catch a little autonomy.

Nothing was working while I was trying to gain independence. I wanted to learn how to learn.

Plan for Europe

I had had a couple of rough job interviews.  I would instinctively react negatively to the simply bureaucratic.  I want to know how I will spend my time.  That’s hard to do within the boundaries of an interview.

Time to leave town. I had now found the opportunity to leave the country.

Modified Backpacking

Spain was my first stop. I left behind the usual diet and routine. While there, I ate avocados and carbs. Sometimes coffee, sometimes red wine.
I wasn’t backpacking as much as I was being hosted with little overhead on my part.

After Landing

I was somewhere on a Spanish field overlooking a cliff.It was scary.  It might not even have been a cliff.

Tiny logistical hurdles got in the way of just catching museum hours at the right time.  Outdoors was a great fallback.

Where I was staying, conversationalists were orbiting a couch.  I m not sure I can find it on a google map now, but it was memorable to talk with people staying at this dorm.

I survived on a salt and pepper avocado diet and took some to the cliff wall.  Not being a geologist, I told myself, “those slabs are made out of lime.” They looked unstable, and  I pictured them falling apart while I was there. Did I fall? No.

In some of the first conversations I tried sparking up in a country, I am pretty certain I got into the comfortable topic about the price of eggs.

I was always in search of spicy food.  There is little doubt I was doing detective work to find where I could find some jalapenos.  Where did I end up finding the spiciest food? I found a 4-ounce jar of sport peppers in the back aisle of a grocery store.


My trip was done through friends of friends. My hosts were not even acquaintances. I was fortunate.

I went to Bilbao where there were nice museums. The museums were closed when I went, which was probably due to the time at the end of a school year. The shell of the Guggenheim was already the main attraction. It has an unforgettable exterior.

There was a lot of walking and partying. I took every good chance to hang outside observe hilly views. I made sure not to stay at any one place in Europe too long, though.

There was a lot of landscape to remember.  It was foggy at times, with a bit of anxiety still from trying to detach myself from daily pressing routines - as many would.  That pressure felt like needing to go outside but wanting to go indoors.

I put myself in charge of waking up early. Keeping an eye out for those amenities and the occasional casual party. I was focused on leaving pending tasks to stay pending until I got back to the states.

Seeing Spain
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