Navigating Northerly Island

Navigating Northerly Island
Music Events, Ticketing, Parks
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interviews, prototyping, mapping, video conferencing, time boxing
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July 23, 2021

Navigating Northerly Island

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Outdoor Music Venue

Project Challenge

How do we improve the experience of going to an outdoor show? This could
be an opportunity. Our team was optimistic. A design process that
focuses on topics like the weather will be compressed into a strategy
for streamlining ticket sales.


Previous design decisions were unavailable to us. We took a status
snapshot of our thinking on loose-leaf paper.

At first glance, it seemed that the previous design effectiveness was
buried under confusing search engine results. This was the beginning of
our flow. Why there? As a UX Team, we wanted to make sure we were aware
of the user frustrations at the very beginning. A mobile task may start
with any number of circumstances:

  • a text
  • a crowded room request

What the user would need to buy tickets

Among our group, onboarding and walkthroughs seemed to be peaking in
popularity. Would we hit the mark to start with a tour of all features?
With this at the top of mind, I had begun to risk away my 1/4 of the
team synthesis. I failed to get comfortable and comprehensive with the
user flow. I knew it and tried immediately to move past it. I played a
little too close into the idea of a laser-guided interview. I thought
that if my questions were well-prepared, my inquiry would feel like a
conversation. My chill default did kick in at 1/4 of the way into the
interview. But, I let an unexpected start bother me. I thought I would
not receive what I needed as soon as the line of questioning felt
foreign to me, the person asking the questions.

Design at synthesis

The users' case for wanting to find amenities was injected and assumed
early. I mean, they already bought tickets! When I volunteered as the
cartographer, I departed from fleshing out the delta between a user flow
where you primary buy tickets to one where you start already at the
show. That is only 50% of the battle.

I armed the app for relevance, attaching a map with the understanding
that visualizing the stadium is what the user shapes in their mind as
something now relevant to them. The stakeholder would want quicker
uptake, reference to app. But have I broken it? Is my visualization so
specialized that it can break the team's implementation of hierarchy,
for example?

Filterable options

Our lovely venue has a weird seating format.

Our adhoc PM Delegated uphill, not envied by me. The process was
freeform. Few guardrails were set up after we did our research. We
worked towards our overall requirements by sketching, understanding our
representative user, joining meetings - but with a shortfall in welding
our visualizations together through the process, opting for focusing on
the finish line. The result is a slightly partitioned experience for the

Bad weather no umbrella, acquiescing to seat squatting, or just
getting lost in navigation are examples. Interviews that the team and I
conducted point to the importance of experience-ruiners. Moments that
lose the fun of the concert or lose the core experience are looming.

The interviews were conducted to shed light on a representative user.
The business, however, was regional in the sense that the information
you get to go to a concert is in a different place than where you would
learn dates, times, rules, and same-day setups.


Step in, address, discuss, and time box to an agreement. Time pressure
is coming. Don't let that train pull away without at least an
opportunity to set the framework to gel as a team.