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I observe, shape, and gather behavioral feedback to make valuable decisions for a digital experience.

UX to me combines two strengths. First, A strong familiarity with technology. With it, an unrelenting curiosity to see inside a process. As a musician, strict timing and silence empowered me. It also works for UX. A strong team working in silence streamlines post-it notes to be read thoroughly, or an affinity mapping session with strict timing for a solid wrap up -- these situations continue to benefit from my two most reliable tools: silence and good timing.


The University of Chicago Graham School
Effective writing for Business and the Professions
Google Credential 2020
Google Analytics Individual Certification
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Bachelor’s in Music performance

Creative States that help inform my process

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Making a decision within the first 3 clues
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Instantaneous Feedback
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Doubling Down on Heuristics
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Heightening User Wins
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Blank slates to join user needs with stakeholder interests