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Recipe Revolution

UX on a recipe mobile app

A mobile app improving a life with health restrictions. How do you remove the complexity?

Because onboarding is a chance to directly engage the individual on how the app is to be used, they ask "Does it work for me?" but may abruptly uninstall because they have just arrived at an app that requires 'onboarding.'

Project Challenge

How could we increase uptake and retention of users onto the app?

We applied research the learnability principle for focusing into the app onboarding process. The time it takes to learn an app requires motivation.

But there are no shortcuts to excitement. It has to work better and faster.

‍Initial Strategy

Through writing out some of our assumptions, where where also able to write an interview guide to test our Low-Risk asssumptions when communicating with our stakeholders.  We agreed that on some level, we wanted users with gluten allergies can apply a known common recipe to get back a gluten-free recipe with proper food substitutions, using this app.

We have a chance to present with XD so here it is:

No doubt that visual representation, even lightly doodling on blank pages, help with the mental model needed to have a problem-centered design narrative.