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This UX Design Portfolio

Championing the user flow

Project Challenge

What resonates to the user? What about the visual, to be specific?
aesthetic feel chart

collection importance chart

Project Solution

Collected and leverage unpretty but immensly useflow userflows and see how far it can take you.

  • ### Ways to schedule out your day

  • Feel out possible roles

  • Update materials on the web

    • CI-Connected Materials
    • New Portfolio Entries
  • Apply to relevant jobs

    • Some applications are ready to go
    • Recruiter and freelance applications get set-it-and-forget-it attention
  • Continued Search and Benign Cache

    • current projects
    • recent write-ups
  • Update everything across trackers

  • Things to mention across portfolios

  • These effectively comment out in the published article

  • breadth

  • platform guidlines

  • responsive web design

  • collaborative work style

  • problem solving ability

  • competency

  • idea to whiteboard

  • whiteboard to execution

  • sketches

  • workflows

  • interactions

  • end state

  • strategy

  • communication

  • delivery

  • recent work

  • samples (downloadable)

  • depth